Educational Health Centre, Doha, Qatar

Whilst working at Holder Mathias I travelled to Doha to design a large health building for the Ministry of Education in collaboration with A.D.C.i (Almana Design Consultants International). The building was completed in 1985.

The Health Centre provides a medical service for school children and staff in Doha and also takes referral patients from other outlying clinics in Qatar, thereby operating as a central Polyclinic. The Centre was planned with departments for emergency, internal medicine, ear nose and throat, etc, dental, gynaecology, cardiology, surgical skin, paediatric and psychiatric, together with support facilities including laboratories, x-ray, pharmacy, medical records, administration, staff facilities, sterile supplies, stores, workshops, etc. The accommodation was planned around two central courtyards to achieve a pleasant and soothing visual environment. The courtyards can also be used by children and parents while waiting for treatment.